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Our Standard Products and Services:

Epoxy and Acrylic Floor Systems are commercial systems, applied to the residential market. We could possibly be one of the only companies who offer such a high end product in this market. We bring you “state of the art” decorative floor finishes in a broad spectrum of colors and styles. This area of service is the foundation of our company.

Garage Cabinet Systems can be custom crafted to fit any need or space requirement. Our premium cabinet systems use 3/4" natural birch veneer plywood for cabinet construction. Standard cabinet doors are made from 5/8" MDF with a painted finish, As an option we also offer 3/4" melamine and thermofused door products. Our cabinets are mounted on the wall utilizing a unique heavy-duty steel rail system that keep the cabinets off the floor. This provides clear unobstructed access under cabinets for cleaning, sweeping, and washing out the garage floor. We feel that with the quality of materials, enormous size, strength, and durability of our cabinet product, make our cabinet systems far superior to any product on the market today. This product was designed from the onset as a superior quality garage cabinet system.

If for some reason our custom cabinets are not exactly what the customer is looking for, we carry alternative product lines of both wood and steel. We can fulfill many different needs and budgets.

Overhead Storage Racks are provided by ONRAX, our preferred supplier for a heavy-duty overhead storage system. Racks are suspended from the ceiling reclaiming normally unused space. When ceiling heights permit, the racks are perfect for above the garage doors and a great place to store seasonal items.

Slotted Wall Panels are used for wall organization. These PVC panels take the place of old fashion pegboard to add a fresh new look to the garage walls. They look as good as they function! Based on industry standard spacing, there are 100’s of hooks, hangers, baskets, and accessories readily available to the homeowner.

Professional Installation of all products by our trained staff and/or licensed sub-contractors.

Our New Home Buyer Program:

A Design Consultation is available to discover customer needs, their desired results, and to define a budget for the project. When needed we will work closely with Interior Designers and Professional Organizers to plan the project and accomplish the task at hand.

Easy Order Groupings are available to simplify the process. These are pre-designed packages that are flexible enough to work within most home designs. We can also provide builders with customized option packages based on various floor plans. The option packages are easy to read and understand. Most of all… the products we offer are proven to be a desired option of new homebuyers of all ages.

A Free Model Home Display Package is available based on the builder’s commitment to sell our products and services. We will outfit any number of model homes for a guaranteed return. The program will apply credits toward the purchase of the sample products and services used to outfit the model homes.

What's in it for you...

Differentiate yourself from other builders or contractors by partnering with us to offer quality garage storage solutions and commercial grade floor coatings in your new homes. Our garage package might just be that desired option that sells your next new home. We know for a fact that it had been the determining factor in many home resales of prior clients.

Profit from our relationship and add value to your new homes. A mutually beneficial pricing program will be worked out and the sample display home package is yours to keep, or sell, after your commitment has been met.

Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed with little or no involvement on your part. We make it easy with custom packages designed just for you. We will provide all the sales materials and sales assistance.


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