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With Garage Gator you will no longer have to move, trip or drive over bikes, ladders, tools, sports equipment and many other things that take up space on your garage floor.

The Garage Gator, at the push of a switch, will raise or lower eight 30lb bikes or 220lbs of your most frustrating clutter now sitting on your garage floor up to the ceiling.

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ONRAX industrial grade overhead garage storage racks enable homeowners to store bulky items up and out of the way, freeing up valuable floor space. Items such as holiday boxes, camping gear, pool equipment and seasonal items can all be stored with the ONRAX units.

ONRAX garage storage shelves provide up to 112 cubic feet of garage storage space per 4'x 8' overhead storage rack. ONRAX garage storage racks are the strongest in the industry boasting a burly 800lb capacity.